When you need a task done around your home but can’t finish it yourself, you typically hire a handyman. Many people in Laredo have used handymen to complete these projects, and that included hiring Juan Carlos Villarreal. However, the 41 year old hadn’t quite been doing the projects that he was paid to do.

Villarreal told potential customers that he had the ability to repair their air conditioning units. When giving appraisals, he told them that there was a refundable deposit for the jobs. After he received the deposit, however, Villarreal would cut off all contact from his customers.

Now, the handyman is being charged with theft of property. An investigator for the Laredo Police Department said that they recommend “checking work references before hiring a stranger to perform expensive home repairs and services.” Thankfully, the people that he scammed weren’t out for too much money. From each of the people that he had requested a deposit from, he had asked for just over $100.