A lot of us like to eat outside when we’re dining at a restaurant. After all, when the weather is cooperative for much of the year like it is in Laredo, there are a lot of options to dine on a patio. Now, some of the best locations in Laredo to eat outside are being named, with some names that are going to be familiar with Laredo locals.

El Cpataz on Bob Bullock was named the top spot to dine on the patio. With television screens showing all of the biggest games and music playing, it’s always a party at the restaurant. Right behind it was Las Bracitas, who offers up brisket, sausage and chicken tacos all for only $0.99 each. It’s pretty hard to beat a deal of that caliber.

Other restaurants that made the list included Las Kekas, Lolita’s Bistro and the Golondrina Food Park. The amount of options in Laredo is high, with people flocking to these locations on a daily basis. With a nice mix of American and Mexican flare to each of these restaurants, there’s a little something for everyone, as well.