If you’ve been one of the thousands of people that’s made the trek across the United States and Mexico border on a daily basis, you know how bad traffic can be. People are consistently backed up in traffic, spending hours on their commute. If it’s up to Laredo Mayor Pete Saenz, though, the technology on the border will make those commute times shorter.

The World Trade International Bridge is the biggest focal point of Saenz’s plan. There are more than 10,000 trucks that make their way across that bridge each day. New technology will be able to scan trucks faster for illegal products, and those that are found to not have any can pass through quickly. That will lead to lower traffic times.

“A truck can be processed in less than a minute,” Saenz said of the new technology. “They can already identify the load that is there. This will eliminate 20 to 30 percent of the traffic, speeding up and making the crossing fluid. Those boxes will go through a Z-portal, which are ‘X-rays’ of inspection.” It’s important to have these vehicles get through quickly, as there are billions of dollars worth of goods that come through each year.