There are many things that can go wrong in very rare circumstances while at a restaurant. Typically, you worry about the waiter accidentally dropping food on your lap, or at the very worst someone chokes on food. Being electrocuted isn’t one of those things you’d expect to worry about, though, but on family in Laredo experienced that scare.

Robert Jacob Madrigal is a six year old that was with his family at the Streats Food Park and was playing with a ball. The ball got away from Madrigal and went under the Gords BBQ food truck. When he reached underneath for the truck, a jolt of electricity shocked Madrigal, and he needed immediate medical attention.

Madrigal was airlifted to San Antonio, and thankfully was able to make a recovery. The family is now suing the property, the food truck and the property’s owner for damages. The tricky party is that the food truck isn’t technically located within city limits, making it a Webb County concern. “Unfortunately, the State of Texas hasn’t given countries such as Webb County the authority to adopt and enforce building and electrical codes that may have helped to prevent such safety concerns,” the county said.

Madrigal’s family is looking for a lot in damages, which includes loss of enjoyment of life and physical anguish, on top of the hospital bills. If successful, the lawsuit could put the food truck out of business and change the way business is operated at Streats Food Truck Park.