Danny’s Restaurant is a staple in the Laredo area and dates back to 1983 when the 28-year-old Danny Lopez opened his first Tex-Mex restaurant on Juarez Avenue. The original Danny’s Restaurant was a massive success and led Lopez to open his second location on Malinche Avenue in 1985. Over the years, Lopez added six other locations, all of which serve breakfast all day in addition to Tex-Mex staples like fajitas and tacos as well as American treats like cheeseburgers and steaks!

With free chips and salsa from the moment you’re seated, Danny’s Restaurant offers everything you can imagine with big portions and affordable prices. Plus, the food truly is delicious! “People love the fact that we serve breakfast all day. Sometimes nothing hits the spot better in the late afternoon than a hot plate of buttermilk pancakes and a dish of huevos rancheros,” Danny’s manager Jerry Lopez says. “The best way I can describe the Danny’s experience is ‘Easy In, Easy Out.’ We’re extremely popular with the lunch crowd because we get the food out there like lightning. Plus, who can turn down free chips and salsa?”

The Danny’s menu hasn’t changed much over the last three decades. Aside from the complimentary chips and salsa, be sure to try the Panchos or Choriqueso appetizers. The entrée options seem endless with traditional Tex-Mex items like rancheros, enchiladas, and tacos to American favorites like the Hamburger Steak, Chicken Fried Steak, Chili Chopped Steak, and the Breast of Chicken Dinner. Of course, Danny has a few favorites of his own—Danny’s Mexican Plate includes two enchiladas and a beef chalupa, Danny’s House Specialty includes Danny’s Style mollejita, two enchiladas, and a crispy taco, and Danny’s Special Plate features fajita bits and grilled onions over rice with drunken beans, guacamole salad, hot sauce, and tortillas.

Danny’s also offers a variety of soups, salads, burgers, sandwiches, and seafood options as well as a large breakfast menu that’s available all day! That’s right… you can stop by Danny’s and have breakfast for dinner with delicious options like Huevos Rancheros, Chorizo and Eggs, Pancakes, Chilaquiles Suizos, or a Meat Lovers Omelet!

Be sure to check out Danny’s Restaurant on McPherson if you’re looking for live entertainment. The venue is known to host a variety of big-name and local artists, so be sure to arrive early to get a prime spot and some fresh chips at this popular Danny’s location!