One concern that many people have had in recent years is the ebola virus. There have been a lot of cases across the world, and it has caused a lot of conversation in international travel. This is especially true in Laredo, being a border city after all. It was reported that there were cases of the Ebola virus in the city, prompting some panic amongst the locals.

However, Texas officials have said that Laredo doesn’t have to worry about the virus right now. “We do not have any suspected or confirmed cases of Ebola right now in Texas,” Lara Anton of the Texas Department of State Health said. There had been some panic as people said that migrants were bringing in the disease, but that wasn’t the case.

That doesn’t mean that border security isn’t on high alert when it comes to diseases, though. “In addition to border security, my office is working on health security,” Governor Greg Abbott said. “The Department of State Health Services is monitoring immigration sites to protect against infectious disease.”