After September 11, 2001, airports around the United States had to up their security. Since then, there has been extensive training at these airports to make sure that if the worst happens, they’re prepared. Laredo International Airport is well trained in these types of situations after undergoing multiple drills.

Even during the recent drill, the airport didn’t close down and didn’t even have a delay. It was the biggest drill of its kind in three years, as well, and it was rather intense to watch. To simulate what could happen, one man acted that he was an airport employee that became fed up with his job. The man then pretended to shoot multiple people and steal a truck carrying jet fuel and crashing it into an airplane that was at the terminal.

The fire that resulted was put out successfully by the local fire department. All in all, the drill was a success. “We conduct these types of drills to make sure we are fully prepared for the unthinkable,” said Jeffrey Miller, who directs the airport. “Today’s airport emergency plan exercise went smoothly and our community should feel a sense of relief knowing that Laredo’s local, state and federal law enforcement and emergency agencies are in constant communication, ready to respond immediately to any threat that may come our way. I thank everyone who participated in today’s exercise and for helping us update our airport emergency plan.”