Victor Trevino, Jr. and his family and friends are undoubtedly celebrating his latest feat after he qualified for the exclusive 2020 Boston Marathon just a few weeks ago. Trevino is a Laredo native and local attorney who, after years of competing as a triathlete, decided to put on his running shoes and see if he could qualify for the Boston Marathon. The idea, believe it or not, came over a coffee break with a friend.

Although he calls himself a “normal guy,” Trevino is anything but normal as he proved that on May 26, 2019 when he competed in the Mountains 2 Beach Marathon in Ventura, California with a time of 3:11.32. His race time was enough to seal his fate for Boston in 2020. His feat was honored at City Council where reporters shared his story and his impressive feat of gaining entry into one of the world’s most competitive and exclusive races.

Since the Boston Marathon bombings in 2015, the Boston Marathon skyrocketed in popularity with thousands of runners applying for entry each year. Because of this, race officials raised the standards of entry. Now, only the best of the best qualifies to run the streets of Boston every year.

From the beginning, Trevino knew that he had to beat the standard qualification to get noticed. “My time in California had to be 3:15 and I did it in 3:11, so, no pressure,” he said. “As impossible as people might make things out to be, a person’s desire always has the last say so.”

Trevino’s ambition certainly had the last say since he’s now training even harder in preparation for the race. So, what’s his inspiration? He’s taking a cue from fellow Laredoan Maribel Garcia who qualified for 10 Boston Marathons to date and was there for the 2015 bombings. “You find somebody that has these goals and you get to know them and when they achieve it, it’s almost like you achieve it too,” Trevino says.

Incredibly proud to be from Laredo and to train in his hometown, Trevino has his work cut out for him but he’s ready for the challenge. “Peeling away your old self to get to that level you need to get to, which is something incredible, you’re talking about the top 2% of runners in the world competing at this marathon,” he says. As for the biggest challenge ahead of him, Trevino knows he must have his mental game ready. “Mental is more than half the battle because if the mind isn’t there, your physical capability doesn’t matter.”