Now, more than ever, we care about the cleanliness of the places where we’re eating. You want to make sure that you and your family are safe when dining in or carrying out, and there are some restaurants that have failed the grade in Laredo to the point where they’ve either received sanctions, or have shut down completely. Thankfully, there are plenty of restaurants in Laredo that have received perfect grades during their health inspection.

This does include some chain restaurants that are normally held to high standards. A pair of McDonald’s locations scored 100 on their health inspections, while a Taco Bell, Rudy’s Chipotle and Whataburger did the same. What about those that are locally owned and operated, who hold only themselves accountable without a major corporation keeping a watchful eye?

On Convent St., Emoji Snack was able to snag the last of the perfect scores for locally owned restaurants in Laredo. Taquitos Ravi Restaurant on East Saunders joined them, as well as Monchis Snacks on San Bernardo Avenue. On that very same street, Taco Palenque, which operates in a building of what used to be a chain restaurant, claimed a 100 out of 100. There were two more Laredo based restaurants to land the perfect score, with Obregon’s Mexican Restaurant on McPherson and El Quinto Sol on Jacaman.

Getting a perfect score on a health inspection is no easy task. It means that there were no minor violations whatsoever, and that says something because there are so many categories that they follow. There’s a cleaning routine that get inspected. Employees must wash their hands on a regular basis while wearing protective gloves, and the food is cooked to a perfect temperature with no cross contaminations. Even minor things such as having everyone getting the proper permits and the ceilings being clean are monitored, meaning these store owners really care for their buildings.