Laredo is a place with a lot of great food, especially on the local scene, getting away from the chain restaurants. Restaurants fight tooth and nail to see who can be the best, trying to get people in the door to taste their fine cuisine. While the city’s rankings also included those major chain restaurants like Olive Garden or Texas Roadhouse, there are still plenty that made the grade to become local fan favorites, and here are some of the best:

TabernillaA tapas bar that opens for dinner, Tabernilla is known for their Paella and great customer service, located on Bob Bullock Loop.

What people are saying: “The food was absolutely delicious. Everyone was extremely attentive and helpful…Would give it more than five stars if it was possible.”

El CapatazLocated on the same loop at the La Quinta Inn, El Capataz has been in business since 2011 and has a more hip vibe with their own craft beer and Latin food.

What people are saying: “Pretty much every dish on the menu is delicious. The first tacos are excellent but my favorite is the prime rib…Service is wonderful. The large variety of drinks means there is always something new to try.”

Las KekasIf you want something that’s a little more laid back, Las Kekas on McPherson Road offers a great spot for Mayan dishes, and is quite affordable to boot.

What people are saying: “Delicious authentic Mexican restaurant. Looks nothing impressive outside, but the food and service (is) outstanding. Everything we tried was freshly cooked and delicious. Must try when in Laredo.”

Border Foundry RestaurantSitting on McPherson Road, there’s a lot of room within Border Foundry, which offers up a more American menu that includes surf and turf.

What people are saying: “Food was amazing. Would certainly recommend…Waiter was very good and knowledgeable. Food was awesome and the drinks were great.”

El Quinto SolOn top of receiving high marks for cleanliness, this healthy vegetarian restaurant has become one of the favorites for locals on Jacaman Road.

What people are saying: “A night to remember, my experience was exceptional. I loved the service. I enjoyed the food as well. A place to dine in and eat healthy.”