Food safety is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. When you go to a restaurant, you want to know that the food you eat isn’t going to be harmful. Many people have become seriously ill and some have even died as a result of contaminated food. Now, it’s found that multiple restaurants right here in Laredo have failed to meet the safety standards that were set out for them.

To achieve a passing score, the City of Laredo Health Department says that a restaurant must get a 90 or higher. There were a total of 16 restaurants in the city that had pristine health conditions, scoring a perfect 100. Six of the restaurants in the city, however, earned scores below the 90 threshold. Of those, half of them finished with grades below an 80.

These restaurants had been found with multiple infractions. Some of them can be minor, while others can get the establishment shut down. The restaurant that scored the lowest was the Restaurant Mar-La on McPherson. Others included the Mi tierra Cafe, Mr. Ribs and Pino Burger. Among those that received a perfect grade were Obregon’s Mexican Restaurant, El Quinto Sol and Taco Palenque.