Adam Unlu is one of the finest teachers in Laredo, teaching several classes in the STEM field. He keeps all of his coursework online, allowing people that don’t even take his classes to stay up to date on what he’s teaching. Unlu is a very dedicated educator, and has won several awards for his work and he joined the Harmony School of Excellence in Laredo in the summer of 2019.

The students that Unlu has taught have been actively engaged with his classroom, which includes a solar car that he took all the way to the Pacific coast. The projects are huge, and his interest in technology also includes space travel. Because of this, NASA has selected Unlu as a top teacher, giving him the title of NASA Airborne Astronomy Ambassador. There are fewer than 30 teachers selected each year, making it a big honor for Unlu.

As a result, Unlu gets to go to California to NASA’s Flight Research Center, getting training from the administration for both planetary science and astrophysics, both of which Unlu will use during his class curriculum, which he says makes him a better teacher. “They are super happy, too,” Unlu said of the students, some of which want to make the trip. “10 of them asked if they can go too. They want to see how it works.”

NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, has been around since 1958. They’ve been at the forefront of science and space exploration ever since, and have plenty of programs like this offered to make teachers like Unlu better understand the curriculum that they teach.

While the students can’t come along, Unlu promises that he’ll use the findings that he’s made to help his students further their education and potential careers. “We are gonna see how (the program) works, how astronauts use the technology,” Unlu said. “Maybe one of them wants to be an astronaut or do science with NASA, and I hope this opens up their future.”