There are many essentials that we as humans need, but not everybody can get these kinds of services. Showering is one thing that a lot of us might take for granted, and there are many homeless people that aren’t able to find clean water to take a shower. It can be especially rough during the hotter months of the year when nothing sounds better than a cool shower.

One organization in Laredo is helping the homeless get the showers that they want and need, and they’re making it mobile. The Bethany House homeless shelter has introduced what they call the 180 mobile unit. Not only does it have showers within, but also provides meals, hygiene products and other essentials to the nearly 1,400 homeless people in Laredo.

Workers with Bethany House also provided resources and can help determine the needs for people that require their services. “The 180 Collective is all about bringing a touch of humanity and compassion to the streets and making the most of our collaborative power to make a difference,” Bethany House said. They also ask for volunteers and donations to help support the cause, which has already helped many homeless in Laredo since its launch.