Tigers aren’t something you’d expect to see in Laredo. In fact, it’s rare to see a tiger in North America, period. That’s why when a photo started to circulate of a wild tiger sitting in the Rio Grande River in Laredo, people were immediately interested, and perhaps a little bit scared that there was a tiger on the loose.

The photo of the tiger was shared across social media and even made it into the newspaper in Nuevo Laredo. This caused many people, mainly members of the media and authorities to go investigate the tiger sighting. However, officials were quick to say that the tiger photo was indeed a hoax.

As wild as it sounds, it makes sense that people would think that the tiger was real, though. That’s because a tiger cub was found in a duffel bag on the river several years ago before it was picked up and taken to a nearby zoo. Since Laredo is a busy border crossing, many animals you wouldn’t see normally in the United States have crossed.

“We have seen individuals in the past trying to smuggle exotic animals into the U.S. for the purpose of selling them or keeping them as pets,” Carlos Diaz of the Border Patrol said. However, this time around, it wasn’t actually a tiger coming to Laredo.