Paving projects can be a massive operation. Companies depend on good services for their parking lots to be paved, especially since it can be costly. However, one business in Laredo didn’t receive the work that they paid for, and the people they hired are now under arrest.

The woman that runs the company located on East Saunders Street said she paid out more than $2,600 for the work. This included 56 year old Maria De Lourdes Gallegos and 26 year old Gilberto Gallegos. The two never finished the work, leading to the criminal charges.

Both were given charges of theft of property and organized crime. There was also a third member of the Gallegos family involved, but he was found to be at large. Police are now on the lookout for Gerardo Gary Gallegos so that he can be charged, as well. As for the company, they were able to find a new provider for their paving needs.