If you find yourself in Laredo, or live here, you’re going to want to find something to do, naturally! Thankfully, you won’t be bored in the city as there’s always events happening, and many of them happen to be festivals. Several times during the year, there are thousands of people that gather together to celebrate various things such as culture, nature and art. Here are some examples of the biggest festivals that Laredo has to offer:

Laredo International Fair & Exposition – When Laredo boasts that the city has an international fair, they really mean it. The LIFE has everything you’d expect from an American fair, while also having concerts on a nightly basis that make it a nearly round-the-clock event for people of all ages. Every March, the LIFE takes place during what is usually the perfect time of year to gather outside before the temperatures get too high.

Laredo Birding Festival – Laredo is home to some of the most avid birdwatchers, and for good reason. Every February, there are a lot of migratory birds that sit along the border, and those in Webb county flood to the La Posada Hotel to share their experiences and go on explorations to see these beautiful winged creatures up close.

Laredo Sister Cities Festival – The bordertown of Laredo embraces the heritage with this festival, which has nearly 200 exhibitors that make their way from Mexico to show off their wares, which includes some very rare items. People will spend a lot of money over this three day July festival that takes place at the Laredo Energy Arena.

Jamboozie – While New Orleans might have their own Mardi Gras parade, Laredo has something very similar with Jamboozie. Jamboozie takes place on Main Street, and features a music festival downtown that started during the late 1990s. It’s $10 to get in, with plenty to do once you enter the festival that takes place in November of each year.