One of the more popular jobs that children want to have when growing up is the job of a police officer. This includes children like Raul and Sarita, who come from Laredo. The two youngsters didn’t have to wait until they were adults to become Laredo Police Department officers, though.

The police department named both of the children honorary police officers recently. They were given their badges at the Gateway to the Americas Bridge as part of the department’s work with the Fundacion Dr. Sonrisa. The organization helps children with terminal illnesses to live out their dreams, and it was Raul and Sarita’s dream to be police officers.

“It’s a small gesture that we do so hopefully that will last these children a lifetime,” Dr. Sonrisa said. “It makes us happy and we feel wonderful that we can touch their hearts in a way they will remember forever.” On top of getting their badges, Raul and Sarita were able to hang out with the department throughout the day and also enjoyed a shopping trip and all the pizza they could eat. Officers say that their smiles brought a lot of joy to the department that day.