We’re all aware of how difficult it can be to find a job. When money is low and you can’t afford a home, you might have to go through some unconventional methods to land employment. David Casarez of Laredo did just that, heading out west to find work, and his story was a big hit on the internet.

After he graduated from high school in Laredo, Casarez headed to Texas A&M, earning his degree. This took him out west to use his technology expertise to create a startup company, but ran out of funding quickly and found himself without money. With no money, Casarez then didn’t have a home.

On the streets of San Francisco, Casarez walked around with a sign and hundreds of copies of his resume, with the sign reading “Homeless. Hungry for success. Take a resume.” He was dressed for success, as well, wearing business professional clothing. A photo of Casarez went viral, and the job offers started rolling in.

Some of the biggest tech companies in Silicon Valley got a hold of Casarez, which he then had to sort through. All in all, Casarez received more than 200 job offers. For the Laredo native, it was a huge turn in fortune, and it’s all thanks to the virality of the internet.