Sports, for the most part, is a very regional thing. The local squad is the one that tends to be the favorite in a given city or county, though there are fans from all sports teams across every major county in the United States. The Laredo area is one of the more interesting areas in terms of fandom. Being close to many major cities while also being on the Mexico-US border provides a dynamic that not many counties have, and here’s who Laredo said was their favorite team in the major sports:

NFL – While the Houston Texans might be closer in terms of distance, they weren’t in Texas first, having formed in 2002. Because of that, the many people that live in Laredo tend to be fans of the Dallas Cowboys, who own five Super Bowl titles.

MLB – This time around, it’s not the team from the Dallas area (the Texas Rangers) that boast Laredo’s favorite team. Instead, it’s the Houston Astros, who took home their first World Series title in 2018, despite having some controversies since then.

NBA – Finally, the close team is the one that’s the favorite for Laredo. The San Antonio Spurs have enjoyed a lot of success in the NBA, and they’re tops in Laredo fandom. Interestingly enough, neighboring counties Jim Wells and Zapata are fans of the New Orleans Pelicans and Houston Rockets, respectively.

NHL – Hockey, needless to say, isn’t all that popular in Laredo. Not many fans polled who their favorite hockey team was, but those that did chose the only team in the state, the Dallas Stars, as their top squad. Other teams listed included the Arizona Coyotes and Chicago Blackhawks.

College Football – College football is one of the more interesting sports since it’s so widespread compared to professional sports. Because of that, the responses were quite mixed as to who Laredo’s favorite team was. The University of Texas took home the top billing, with Texas A&M not far behind. Falling a distant third was Baylor University in Waco.
College Basketball – The polling was pretty much the same for college basketball, with Texas taking home the top spot, while others had submitted votes for Texas Tech.