We could all use a distraction in these trying times that we seem to be facing frequently in recent years. People like to get away from their problems and the monotony of everyday life to have some fun. While you might have to get your fun in different buildings, there’s a new spot in Laredo where you can partake in a lot of different activities. It’s called Main Event, and it plans on bringing in big business and even bigger fun for many years.

Main Event, which is at the Mall del Norte, isn’t just a bowling alley. It also provides mini golf, laser tag and a large arcade, boasting that it’s not just fun for the kids, but for adults, as well. “It’s exciting,” Elizabeth Ibarra, the company’s district sales manager said. “We’re really excited to get into the community and do what we do, which is provide a fun and memorable event experience and create memories for a lifetime.”

There are other Main Event locations that have been built in various parts of the country, but the one in Laredo is the largest of them all. “This is a very different footprint than what we’ve had,” Ibarra added. “Laredo is really getting a one of a kind center because of all the pieces in here that we have included for Laredo.”

On top of the attractions that we already listed, there are pool tables and karaoke for the adults, as well as rock climbing, virtual reality and even gravity ropes, which are a lot of fun if you’ve never been on them before, or even if you’re very experienced. They offer a full bar and food menu, too, meaning that you can spend the entire day there and not get bored, which is a welcome sight for a lot of Laredoans.

To get Main Event started, the business hid bowling pins with prizes throughout Laredo. Some of the top prizes included free arcade games for life, which would excite people of any age. “It’s a lot interaction, and it’s something different for Laredo because it hasn’t had that,” Ibarra said. “When we were talking with our partners in the community, they said, ‘This is so fun and different, and we definitely want to be a part of that.’ It’s really important to include the community in what we’re doing. It’s been really great.”