When it comes to the United States Border Patrol, there are a lot of things that they’re looking out for. We tend to think of people, animals or drugs being smuggled into the country, but they’re also on the lookout for potential pests. In Laredo, this has been an ongoing issue, and the Customs and Border Protection have recently found a rare pest that almost made its way into the United States.

A squash bug was found amongst a sample of flowers ,as well as a butterfly that had been inside of a package of papaya. Both of these packages were turned away and sent back to Mexico as they were deemed to be rare pests that could harm agriculture. Neither of these types of insects were common in the United States, which is why they were turned away.

“The discovery of three significant pests, including a confirmed first in nation interception, underscores the meticulous work of our frontline CBP agriculture specialists in the cargo environment and the importance of that work,” Albert Flores (the Port Director) said. “These notable interceptions are instrumental in protecting American agriculture from serious economic harm that can be inflicted by infiltration of pest species not known to exist in the U.S.”